Graduation Season: Gift Them a Resume


Graduation Season: Gift Them A Resume

Seriously folks, a couple of times a year I volunteer at a local college. I really like it because there are no so called experts debating about the viability of resumes or who’s the best resume writer. These people need help. Most of them are returning students; returning to school from dead-end jobs, demanding but inflexible bosses, low wages and un-gainful employment.

Most of them are about to graduate and so being able to coach them to creating an epic resume is very rewarding.  If you are over 30 years old and reading this article, you know how critical the first job is right after college. I have a niece who has just completed her first year of college and I can’t want until she declares a major so I can help her with her career (not just resume).

See, the resume is the commencement, just like graduating, but it’s definitely not the last step. Here’s some advice I shared with the local college students which is the same information I going to give my own niece.

  1. Clean up your social media accounts. Get untagged from pictures, stop venting your feelings and learn to pick up the phone and complain to your best friend instead.
  2. Start building your network now, don’t wait till graduation. It’s fine to connect to teachers, classmates and industry leaders. Search social media and the internet to find like-minded people and follow them. Share articles and stories from people you admire.
  3. Make sure your resume is on point! You need a heading, a professional email address, and you can put your education at the top since its newly acquired knowledge.
  4. Use a cover letter to explain your career choice and educational background. It’s also a great place to explain your transition from one career to the next. Tell your story