The Executive Resume Treatment

The Exec Treatment

The Executive Resume Treatment

One thing I know for certain is that every wants the executive treatment in life. We want the best cars, clothes, jewelry, food, money and service when we go places. Another thing, everyone feels they deserve those things but life is not about deserves. You get back what you put into it. I worked with some executive level talent whose phones weren’t ringing off the hook with opportunities. I’ve been able to help them with that and I want to share with you the top ways to get the executive treatment in your career.

  1. Have a resume that reflects your executive level talent. Many executive level resumes start out with a summary of qualifications which usually begins with the words “results-driven”. That is as generic as an objective. When I see the words “results-driven” I cringe because this resume was created by a lame service or someone who read it on the internet and decided to plug it in. Tell us something different.
  2. Be confident and able to speak to major accomplishment that you have achieved throughout their careers. Executives are confident and don’t mind explaining how they have impacted their companies. They look for ways to add value in their careers. They are not complacent.
  3. Executives think big. For instance, saving a company $1000 is cool. But saving them $200,000.00 is much better. Generating $50,000.00 for your organization is nothing to scroff at but generating millions is more impressive. Be careful with numbers though, don’t inflate stats to make yourself look better in the eyes of the hiring authorities because they will find out.
  4. Evaluate your talents and add whatever is missing. If you know you don’t have a degree – go get one. If you know you need a certification – go and get it. If you know you have never lead a team, then ask for more of a leadership role.
  5. Executives don’t look for jobs. They hire headhunters who constantly look for them. And at the end of the day, executives still need executive level credentials – this means the resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and social identity has to be top notch.

Finally, they understand the value of having a great resume in the highly competitive job market. My favorite clients are executive level clients because there is no haggling or convincing them to get their resumes updated - they already know  how important it is for their families, future and lifestyle.

If you think you are ready for the next level then it’s time for you to join the Resume Crusade – I’ve made a lot of people executives over the last 12 months and I’m prepared to help you too.

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