7 Real Life Crazy Things Jobseekers Do But Totally Shouldn’t

Before we get started let me say, not all 7 of these are “Crazy !” like numbers 6 & 7 are not as crazy as 1 - 5, however they are common jobseeker mistakes. Again these are all real examples from my friends who are hiring managers, directors and recruiters. Also a few of these things I have had to advise my client’s against.

So here are 7 Real Life Crazy Things you should not do in an interview, email, voicemail or cover letter!

Don’t stalk – “I have driven by the location several times, and I think you drive a gray Altima.” Nothing feels good about that, at all.

Don’t insult – “You would be stupid or a dumb ass not to hire me!” Stop it!

Don’t demand – “I’ve seen this job posting all over the place and you still won’t interview me, why?” That’s not going to work. From an employer’s perspective, if you act this way before you get the job, just imagine how you would be after the job, no thanks.

Don’t get creepy – “You are cute, let’s do lunch, I know a great little place.” Just don’t.

Don’t emote – Maybe because I am an old man but emojis should not be used on professional documents not this guy  smiley face   or this guy  emoji-poop  (that’s not chocolate ice cream).

Don’t beg – “I have a family and we are behind on bills. I might lose my car and house.” Or even high level begging like, “I was let go from my job recently and although I have a severance package I need to get back to work soon.”

Don’t pretend to know the recruiter/hiring manager (unless you do) – “I know I would like working for you… I know you are great employer… I know this is my dream job!” Like Game of Thrones, you know nothing! Just as someone does not know the real you based on your social media or even resume, don’t be presumptuous. You may believe it’s a good fit based on something you read or saw, so say that instead, “After researching your company…” or “After learning more about the open position, I believe…”


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