5 Social Media Suggestions To Help You Get Hired

Social media usually gets people in trouble with their jobs. Recently we’ve seen a number of people having to step down because of tweets. We’ve also seen people captured on cellphone camera acting an entire fool and then losing their jobs because of it. But look, social media isn’t all bad. It depends on how you use it. As a resume writer and all around nosey guy, I try to pay attention to any new tactics that my job seeking friends can use to leverage better opportunities and, along the way, I have learned somethings to help you use social media to get a job.

  1. On LinkedIn, follow companies that you would like to work for and follow people who are already working there.
  2. Cross reference your individual connections with Twitter. Yes, I know people think Twitter is all bad but it’s not. Most Fortune 500 companies have at least two Twitter accounts. And most major cities have a “City of …” account that tweets out job opportunities and networking events. Find them and follow them.
  3. While following companies and individuals that are in the career space you want to be in, be sure to share articles that are professional with a caption explaining your thoughts while inviting others to comment. Social media works best when it a give and take, so you want to communicate and share ideas and thoughts.
  4. Be patient. Just because you open a LinkedIn or Twitter account doesn’t mean everyone is going to follow you right away. Some folks will want to feel you out before deciding to follow back or engagement with you - consistency is key.
  5. Share but don’t over share. Look, I get it, people tweet or post to Facebook when they are angry and it seems like just about everyone is angry these days, however you don’t have to post everything that pops into your mind or that happens to you throughout the day. Be discrete and try to stay on point with your messaging.

Finally, make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile match for, again, consistency purposes. If you are going to use social media to help you get noticed, seen, and hired then you have to make sure your resume credentials are all aligned because the first thing 90% of all recruiters do when they have a candidate in mind is search for them on LinkedIn.