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Career Transition Advice from Teri Levy (Recruiting/Career Transition Expert)

Editorial Note:  It’s with great pleasure that I present this guest contribution from my dear friend and amazing Recruiter Teri Levy. She is a well-connected, knowledgeable recruiting specialist out of Nashville, TN. She’s helped me and countless others. And she’s one of my favorite people. Please read and enjoy and be sure to connect with […]


Jobs: Tell Your Story Receive Your Glory

So why are so many job seekers afraid to tell their story? If you look online all the latest job seeker advice is about developing relationships with recruiters, hiring teams and companies all for a chance to get hired. But how? How do you start the conversation with those who makes these decisions? Well, turns […]


Friends, Connections, Followers! Leverage Your Social Community

Friends, Connections, Followers! Leverage Your Social Community So much information on how to get a job today it could make your head explode. Searching Google and Bing you will get millions of results and all the information seems to contradict each other, things like “Resumes are Dead” and “Update Your Resume” or “Use LinkedIn” and […]