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Tips You SHOULD Use #JobSeekers #Interviews

October 27, 2014 in Job Tips by newresource

Tips You SHOULD Use #JobSeekers #Interviews Let’s help you get closer to that job you really want. Here some articles I’ve seen in and around the web that are dead on correct. First. When you apply for job, do you know what the recruiter does when they get your resume? Well, check this one out from Susan P. Joyce on
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Rebranding At Any Age

October 16, 2014 in Interview Tips, Job Tips by newresource

Rebranding At Any Age Lately, I have been working with older more experienced people who are looking to either re-enter the job market or transition to something less demanding. One concern that they all seem to have is using their experience without branding themselves as an “old-timer”. The job market can be very fickle – what was heavily desired a
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Sometimes Busted Résumés Still Work

October 8, 2014 in Cover Letters, Resumes by newresource

Sometimes Busted Résumés Still Work So you got a job with that tired resume of yours. Congrats. Bad resumes still work in some cases but it all depends on the job and opportunity. I know of some people who are managers and directors and they have no resume at all. Some clients haven’t had a resume in over 10 years
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More Tools and Tips to Help You Get A Job

September 22, 2014 in Job Tips by newresource

Hi All, Sometimes I wonder if you get tired of me telling you my perspective on jobs and resumes so I wanted to share with you some very good and interesting articles to help you get that next job but first remember your resume and cover letter are the first steps, so get those credentials fixed up. Remember I told
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Finding #Job Happiness (part 2)

August 27, 2014 in Career Coaching, Job Tips, Resumes by newresource

Finding Job Happiness (part 2) Earlier this week I published the article “Cut Through the Noise and Find #Job Happiness” and after I re-read it, I realized it was not tactical enough and so I decided to write a part 2. I could see this turning into more sequels just like a Marvel Studios movie. Tactical Here’s what I mean,
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Cut Through the Noise and Find #Job Happiness

August 25, 2014 in Career Coaching, Job Tips, Resumes by newresource

Cut Through the Noise and Find Job Happiness Job happiness seems to be very allusive these days. When I encounter someone who genuinely loves their job, I am intrigued and fascinated. I will engage in an open dialogue at any chance I get. One of the main reasons why is because employee happiness or engagement is only 30% which means disengagement or
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Resumes: All the So-Called Expert Advice is Freaking Confusing

August 12, 2014 in Cover Letters, Job Tips, Resumes by newresource

I get it now. I really do. Recently I spoke at a local college. I was giving the students advice about resumes, interview skills and job searching. About half way through the talk, I noticed that there were some scrunched eyebrows and wrinkled foreheads. It dawned on me that they were more confused by my advice so I stopped and addressed
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Crappy Cover Letters Don’t Get Read

July 28, 2014 in Cover Letters by newresource

Yeah, so I was never a big fan of the cover letter. The reasons are simple, usually the cover letter is either really long or incredibly short and either way it doesn’t give you much information to make a hiring decision. Some folks use the cover letter to re-hash their resumes – basically it’s the exact same thing. Or you
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Are We Headed for a Mini-Recession?

July 21, 2014 in Uncategorized by newresource

Things are good! You’re working, making money and living the life and this will never end right? Wrong, life cyclical, it’s that whole circle of life thing Mufasa spoke about in the Lion King movie. Unemployment is at 6% that’s the lowest in over 6 years. I never thought we’d get below 7% after the most recent recession. I saw
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Networking Isn’t Simply About Connecting, Following and Begging

June 26, 2014 in Job Tips, Networking by newresource

Networking Isn’t About Connecting, Following and Begging I receive LinkedIn connection requests all the time. Not bad for a guy who works for himself! I have over 740 connections on LinkedIn and 7400 on Twitter. I could have more however I am kind of selective when it comes to accepting connections. I try not be a snob but with peddlers,
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