Rebranding At Any Age

Rebranding At Any Age Lately, I have been working with older more experienced people who are looking to either re-enter the job market or transition to something less demanding. One concern that they all seem to have is using their experience without branding themselves as an “old-timer”. The job market can be very fickle – […]

How to Explain Employment Gaps & Reasons for Seeking a New Job

I get asked all the time about handling difficult interview questions and situations. We all think our situation is unique and one of a kind but really it’s not. Everyone is human and has had set backs and complications the trick is to explain your particular setback in a way that takes ownership, shows resolution […]


4 Reasons to Hang-Up on a Dumb Recruiter

4 Reasons to Hang-up on a Dumb Recruiter Yeah I said it, “dumb”! This article was inspired by real life dumb interactions with recruiters. Everyone wants a great job. Millions of people are looking for work every day all day. Some companies use that competition as justification for offering subpar compensation and benefits. And some […]

Job Frustration

To Help You Get a Job

If you haven’t figured it already, this website was created to help you get a job. The job market is tough. The competition is fierce. There is so much confusion as to what to do and what not to do. I recently wrote “The 10 Worst Thing to Put on Your Resume” and it received […]

RC with JT

Recruiter’s Corner w/ Janine Truitt

We’re back with the 2nd installment of the Recruiter’s Corner; a new video series designed to help the job seeker navigate the tough job market. We’re talking recruiting errors – tips – advice and insight with Janine Truitt. She is a wonderful Recruiter in the New York area and the Chief Innovations Officer for Talent […]

Horrible Resume

5 Reasons Why Your Resume Is STILL Horrible

5 Reasons Why Your Resume Is STILL Horrible Folks, I see a lot of resumes – a lot of them – and most are not good. The funny thing is that the people with the WORST resumes really believe that they are good. Seriously, I’ve had people tell me, “I know my resume is good […]

rc clip art

The Recruiter’s Corner with guest Tiffany Kuehl

Check out this new video series the Recruiter’s Corner with a special guest recruiter or HR pro each episode. I created this to offer insight into the world of the job search and recruiting. It is my hope that these videos help you get the job of your dreams. My first guest is Mrs. Tiffany […]


Too Old to Work Here (Age Discrimination is a Real Thing)

Too Old to Work Here  (Age Discrimination is a Real Thing) Did you know (DYK) that there is a Federal Law against denying someone a job opportunity simply because they are too old? Yes, it’s called the Age Discrimination Act and it protects employees from unlawfully being denied benefits, jobs, opportunities and compensation from an […]