Human Resources is the best profession in the world – letting someone know they got a #newjob is awesome. It’s one of the few duties that we perform on a regular bases that makes us feel good – very rewarding. An as Expert Resume Writer, who happens to be an HR professional too, I can’t describe how truly fortunate I am to use my education and experience in HR to help job seekers get great jobs.

I also love social media and one of my hobbies is searching hashtags – I hope you know what a hashtag is by now. Anyway, I’ll jump on the Twitters and Instagram and search my favorite hashtags to see what people are sharing. I want to share with you some results when I researched “#newjob” . My favorite was a picture of a lady with a tear rolling down her cheek and the caption read “Thank GOD!!! I GOT THE JOB!”

There IS good stuff happening in HR and on social media!

1st – You should be able to read it – she’s loving her #newjob.

2nd – Cards of support from friends congratulating their buddy on the #newjob.

3rd – First day on the job – a “selfie” picture of her and her training partner.

4th and 5th – ID badges from the #newjob on the first day; they’re feeling official now.

6th – A young man dresses sharp for his first day at Pacsun.
newjob newjob 2