Everyone wants stability. Many of my potential clients tell me they are looking a Government job or a job in the public sector for stability. I understand stability and security are very important however many of you are missing out on amazing opportunities because you want to work for an established organization.

This may sound silly to even suggest but, you should consider working for a startup. Think about this, Amazon was once a startup and just look at them now. Facebook was a startup. Paypal was a startup. Uber was a startup. Lyft was a startup. And trust me there are literally thousands of them, many in your area. Companies like Tech Crunch, Plug and Play, Start Co., and Forbes lists thousands upon thousands of tech companies who are on the rise each year.

Startup companies don’t just hire front-line employees, they hire Developers, Engineers, Data Analyst, Social Media Managers, Communication Specialist, Business Developers, Recruiters, some even hire COOs, CFOs, and CIOs. So don’t assume that startups only hire pickers, packers, pullers, drivers, and general laborers.

In addition to all of these great examples, here are 5 reasons why you should consider working for a startup company.

  1. Open:They are more willing to let you try new things then traditional companies who already have a standard set of procedures and processes.
  2. Relational: They don’t judge you based on your resume alone. Nope! Startups don’t usually have an HR department so the recruiting and hiring is done by the CEO who builds their roster based on relationship and conversations. Meaning, they are willing have a conversation with you to determine if you have the intangibles they need to hire you. Many only ask for the resume as a formality.
  3. Diverse: They love diversity. They usually hire old people, black people, white people, Jewish people, Gay people, straight people, etc. They don’t judge you based on looks, its more about performance than anything else.
  4. Worklife Balance: They will give you much better benefits. Most of the startup companies I know will allow you to work from home at your leisure. Pay a very competitive salary. Offer you the flexibility to work another gig if you want to. And they have offices, they just aren’t in them as much.
  5. Career Development: They will help you develop and achieve your career ambitions. Startups aren’t haters, they do not demand that you put your life on hold and give a blood offering to be part of their company. They understand that there are other more important things in world however they do expect you to make them a top priority, just not your main priority.

As a Resume Writer, my job is not to tell you what to do with your career, its to help you achieve your career goals. As an HR professional and sometime career coach, its my job to tell what the latest job trends are. So in that spirit, I suggest that you seriously consider a startup company as your next employer.

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