Recruiters Are Trying To Give You A Chance

Lately, I have been working with local companies on hiring for various positions and although I am an advocate for job seekers, I must say… you all have to do a better job as candidates.

First, you aren’t reading the job descriptions anymore. Maybe you get a job alert on your phone and you just apply without reading more the entire thing or maybe you go on a job board and then just apply but either way, you aren’t doing your research before applying – and it shows.

Second, you aren’t updating your resumes. Some of you are copying and pasting the job description on your resume and if you have had the same title with different companies, you are just copying and pasting the same job description over and over – that’s pretty lazy, and it shows.

Third, you are not prepared for the job interview. Since you are not reading the job descriptions, you are not researching the company and therefore you are not prepared to answer the basic question, when asked, “What do you know about the company?” And it shows.

Fourth, recruiters are checking your social media accounts before deciding to interview or hire you because your resume is not providing them any clues as to who you are and that is dangerous. It’s dangerous because many of you are saying and doing some pretty outlandish things on social media even though you are in the job market. For example, posting pictures of guns with highly aggressive messages laced with profanity, or nudes, or even drunk pics. Others are on Twitter discussing politics, racism, and sexism as if it is okay to publicly discuss such things.

If you really want a better career, I cannot stress enough the importance of being totally prepared with your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, to your social media accounts (mark them private and just stop posting things that you shouldn’t), and your attitude during the phone and face to face interview process is terrible. They are paying attention to the tone of your voice, your attitude, and even your body language.

You need help. You probably need your resume updated and you more than likely need some career coaching.

There are, literally, thousands of career coaches and resume writers out there, find one and make the invest but stop blaming the recruiters because they really are trying to give you a chance.