Maybe It’s Not The Recruiters, Maybe It’s You

Sometimes you have to sit yourself down and get real with yourself. If you have sent hundreds of resumes and no one is calling you back so you need to think about a few things before sending your resume out some more.

1) Does your resume suck? Probably so, most do. I know a recruiter that always says to me, “99.5% of all resume suck and the other .5% are just bad.” But people who suck don’t know they suck, so someone has to tell them. Consider yourself told, get some help. If you don’t want to hire someone then the latest version of Microsoft Office has resume tutorials.

2) Are you qualified for the jobs you that you are applying for? Be honest! Lots of times we don’t even read the entire job posting, we just hit send! Please perform your due diligence before applying.

But let’s say your resume doesn’t suck and you get the interview but you aren’t getting the job. Okay, well that happens once or twice but if it is happening more than that, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1) Which questions are you having trouble answering during the interview?

2) Do you practice your interview reponses?

3) Should you consider hiring a career coach?

Alright let’s say your resume doesn’t suck and you interview well – in fact you tend to get the job however, you usually don’t like the job. Well, you need to think about a few things as well.

1) Why are you accepting jobs without knowing more about the fit?

2) Are you asking questions during the interview about the company that could help you make a better choice?

3) Are you afraid to ask questions about why the position is open in the first place? What’s the management and leadership style?

4) Do you know what you really want in a job or employer?

Most job seekers do not know what they really want. Today, I am hearing the phrase, “I just want a job” all too often. I understand that a job is very important and vital to your live and success, but a job is just a job if you do not have purpose. If you do not know what you want then you tend to apply to what I call, “low hanging fruit”. When that happens you tend to not be happy with the job and feel stuck, like you are on a career treadmill – just running but going no where.

Experts say that most people are unhappy and disengaged at work, but I contend in most cases it’s not the job or the company, it’s you. How many times have you been at a retail store or restaurant and the employee is rude or unfriendly? And how many times do you think to yourself, “this person should not be doing this job?” Sure, sometimes they could be having a bad day but you understand my point, we have all experienced a situation where we wonder why they person even applied for this particular job in the first place.

It happens to us all. I recall my last job, I hated it but it was not their fault, I accepted the job out of desperation and I knew it was not what I wanted long-term, so was it them or was it me? It was me. I had to sit myself down and ask myself some tough questions. I suggest you do the same.


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