Mashable, Monster & Oprah (all in a day’s work)

Whew! Things are heating up over here on the Resume Crusade. There are more readers and customers, which is great for me but I am still working hard for you. I get asked all the time, what makes me an Expert Resume Writer and my answer is…the results. You are only labeled an expert once you do something very well so a long period of time.

My clients are happier than Pharrell. Don’t believe me? Check out a few of my most recent testimonials.

“Chris, I have been so impressed with the entire experience. My resume and cover letter looks great!” – Pat W.

“Yes, I love it. Money well spent. Thank you” -Eva R.

“Chris, I recently interviewed with Apple and I am certain I would have never gotten that opportunity if not for you. Thanks” –Carlos

“Wow, this looks amazing. I am very satisfied” –K. Lee

I love it when my clients are happy because it boosts their confidence going into the job market and as anyone will tell you confidence is critical during the interview setting.

I titled this piece “Mashable, Monster & Oprah” for a reason. I’ve been quoted on each of those sites. If you don’t know they are HUGE websites; very prestigious. 1st it was who reached out to me for quote for their article “5 Expert Tips for Following Up After a Job Interview” where I offered advice on how to deal with getting no responses after an interview. Read more here.

Next, Monster Working – a division of Monster – asked me to participate in a piece titled “New to  resume writing? No experience? No Problem.” In this piece I discussed the importance of showing your ability to multitask and manage going to college. Read more here.

Then I wrote this article “10 Worst Things to Put on Your Resume” and KA-BOOM! It went nuts, with nearly 9000 total views so far. It’s so big that one of the editors at saw it and called me for an interview. They loved the piece and wanted to talk more about the ideology behind it. They published an article on the Oprah website called “4 Secrets Of People Who Always Get The Job Offer” and it was republished on the Huffington Post featuring a quote from me.

But do you know what? After all of that, what makes me the proudest is being able to help people get the interviews they want for the jobs they want. My clients’ reaction and support are vital to my success.

Offering my clients the very best original product possible is how I became  an Expert. It’s no easy button, or secret pill – it’s just hard work, being helpful, being knowledgeable and a pinch of luck!

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