Discrimination Still Exists for Job Seekers (against women, minorities, and older job seekers)

The new jobs report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and the Department of Labor will be out shortly and expectations are that over 180,000 jobs will have been added to the U.S. economy. It is also predicted that the unemployment rate will stay at 4.1% which is very low and quite healthy for our nation’s economy.

Yet with all of these gains, many are finding it increasing more difficult to find a job. Some would say it is because of the skills or talent gap however I am noticing that very skilled, experienced, and talented individuals are being overlooked or denied opportunities. Many are concerned about discrimination in the job market.

Let’s tackle the top discriminating factors facing job seekers today.

1.) AGE

Ageism is a real thing. In fact, of all of the concerns my clients seem to have about the navigating the rough road to finding a job, the number one concern is their age. Anyone could be a victim of age discrimination. There is tradition age discrimination, prejudice against those who are considered old or older, the law states that 40 years old is when someone is legally eligible to site age discrimination. Here’s a great heartbreaking article on older workers being shown the door.

2.) SEX

Sexism is also a real thing. It’s the second biggest concern I get from my resume clients. Women (not men, never men) are concern if their sex will cause them to lose out on a job. And it’s an authentic concern because we all know that women are paid less (20% less than men) and we know smart women intimidate most men (especially those if positions of authority). Hopefully the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement will help women get the true equality that they deserve.

3.) RACE

Racism still exists and is more prevalent than ever.  I know you hate to even discuss or think about race. We all want to pretend that we are all equal and that no one is racist anymore. That would be nice but it’s just not true. There is a serious lack of diversity in the job market. It takes my African American or Black clients upwards of 2 months to find a job while it seems to take my Caucasian clients less than half that time. Just last week two of my White clients (2 different people in 2 different industries in 2 different states) applied for jobs one day and received calls for interviews that same day.

3.) Names

Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Also with race enters the name game, meaning people of color tend to have names that are spelled and pronounced differently which causes some recruiters, hiring managers, and Human Resources professionals to make judgements and ultimately discriminate against someone, solely based on their name.

Name-ism.  A few years ago a Hispanic man named Jose, was looking for work. He sent his resume to hundreds of employers with very little response. Jose dropped the “s” from his name and reapplied with the same resume. He was contacted by many of those same companies and one offered him a job. For the full story click here.


There is an ongoing debate in the Human Resources community about using automation in the recruiting process and by automation they mean A.I. bots to screen and interview applicants. The naysayers feel this removes the “human” element from human resources. I say it removes the unnecessary discrimination and prejudice from the process. Robots won’t discriminate against anyone based on their age, sex, religion, name, or anything else unless they are programmed to do so.

With all the insensitive remarks coming from leaders and being reported to us daily, some small minded individuals will take that as an open invitation to discriminate and do whatever they want.

Hopefully, this madness will stop soon. In the meantime all you can do is be prepared and vet the companies that you want to work for very carefully.



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